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Custom Wood Furniture In Omaha, NE

Looking for custom wood furniture in Omaha, NE? At Rooted N Furniture & Slabs we take pride in offering the highest quality and widest variety of custom made wood furniture and wood slabs in Omaha. Whether you're in need of a unique dining table, a stunning wooden countertop, or any other custom wood furniture piece, we've got you covered. With our local option for wood slabs, you can choose the perfect piece of wood for your project. Our team of skilled craftsmen will then create a high-quality custom furniture piece that meets your exact specifications or help supply you with the tools and knowledge needed to create your own! Visit us today and discover the beauty and durability of our custom wood furniture.

What We Offer

  • Custom Wood Furniture
  • Unique Dining Tables
  • Wood Slabs
  • Wood Working Supplies
  • Epoxy Supplies
  • Wooden Countertops
  • Custom Table Legs
  • Slab Flattening
  • Laser Engraving
wooden table and benches
close up of wooden style furniture with blue accents
close up of wooden furniture
wooden conference table and chairs
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